Below you will find an overview of our range of services. For individual enquiries or projects, please contact us directly.

Aluminium processing - Our know-how

Due to the extensive knowledge of the handling of the material aluminium and the aluminium processing, our field of work reaches the following areas: Processing of aluminium profiles, fitting of threads, welding of stud bolts. As a system manufacturer in aluminium processing, we offer service in the manufacture and processing of components and products made of aluminium.

Aluminium surface refinement

In the production of aluminium oxide coatings by anodic oxidation (anodising, eloxation, hard anodising/hard eloxation), we draw on the experience of a long-standing business partner. Their coatings are characterised by excellent surface properties: Abrasion protection, corrosion protection, sliding ability, adhesive properties, bending fatigue strength, decorative quality and reflection ensure the appropriate function of your components in various combinations. Hard anodising from the expert - recommended by us.

Aluminium pressing plant

Press studs are the starting material for the extruded products that are produced in the aluminium pressing plant. They must be heated to a temperature of approx. 460 °C so that they can be pressed. On the 500 t - 3,500 t presses, our partner company fulfils all requirements for complex profile cross-sections with the highest precision in accordance with EN 755-9 and EN 12020-2. It is not only the design of the pressing tool that is important, but also the correct alloy and pressing speed used. In all areas of the aluminium pressing plant, in addition to the highest product quality, special attention is paid to on-time and professional project handling.